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Release notes


Date: 2014-01-15, MD5 fingerprint: c5f92df6024fb4acbb977ff596a7a4c4.

The 0.7.2 release contains the following improvements since 0.7.1:

  • Logging to disk significantly improved and documented: see wg_attach_logged_database, wg_start_logging, wg_stop_logging, wg_replay_log, in addition to earlier wg_dump and wg_import_dump.
  • Atomic field updates for simple values without a need for write lock: see wg_update_atomic_field, wg_set_atomic_field, wg_add_int_atomic_field.
  • Fast direct access to fields: see the wg_field_addr macro.
  • Improved allocation when memory is running low.

New features are documented in the C api. The full change log is available via github commits.

Development on Github

The Github main branch is used for active development. You will find unfinished components and features.

There is no configure script on the main branch: use the provided Bootstrap script to build the configure script.

Old versions


MD5 fingerprint: 2e455a956377d3f014f8c32af399ce24

The 0.7.1 release contains the following improvements since 0.7.0:

  • 64-bit Windows builds fixed (thanks malkia)
  • fixed index metadata initialization
  • replaced the included JSON parser with YAJL (
  • printing fix in dserve.c tool
  • documentation updates


MD5 fingerprint: 1fc87b02eaf230fc45c040a2ba33bbd0

Improvements over 0.6.1:

  • The simplified query mechanism wg_find_record added.
  • wg_attach_existing_database added.
  • Error messages printed only to stderr.
  • An improved toolset and examples including dserve.


MD5 fingerprint: 37d9c25e973184db55f3e985d207f2da